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Why Host With Us?

Quality Customer Care and a fast and reliable network is what we're about.


At Your-Site Virtual Servers, our staff is committed to excellence. We strive not only to exceed your expectations, but to help you exceed your customer's expectations. After all, if we don't excel, then how can your Web Site excel? We take pride in our work.


When it comes to providing a quality environment for our customers to place their company information on the Web, we cut no corners. From our equipment, to our staff selection, to our customer support, right down to the smallest thing we do, there is no compromise in quality. What's more, we use what we sell. Our Web Site is served off our main customer Web server.

We are not a reseller of some other hosting company. We own, operate and maintain all our own equipment and servers.


Support is one of our highest priorities. Our knowledgeable staff is just an email away, and will happily answer any question you might have in a timely fashion. What's more, existing customers get treated with as much urgency as prospective customers. We handle all support ourselves instead of relying on a 3rd party with no real interest in our customers. We are based in the USA.


At Your-Site Virtual Servers, we use only Linux with the latest HP BladeServer technology to handle everything from our Web Servers to our DNS servers. True Networking machines offer many advantages over PCs running Windows. The key word here is networking.

Networking machines are designed from the hardware down to the Operating System to be true multi-user machines capable of operating under a heavy network load. Would you trust your Web Site to a provider that uses PC machines to serve multiple Web Sites?


Experience is the bottom line. At Your-Site Virtual Servers, our staff has years of combined experience in UNIX/Network administration, Commercial Internet and the World Wide Web.

We put this experience to work for you, from our Tight Ship networking policy that includes 24/7 network and server monitoring and daily backups, right down to our knowledgeable technical support.

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